Clifford & Viper alarms

 CLIFFORD also known in the USA as VIPER (produced by DIRECTED) is the world's best selling vehicle security and remote start brand. Using precision engineering and leading technology to make sure you have control. CLIFFORD systems offer you a range of security features you can rely on.

CLIFFORD created the smartphone car control category and is pioneering the keyless lifestyle revolution with the DIRECTED & VIPER SmartStart app, which has been downloaded to more than one million iPhone, Android and Blackberry handsets.

No One Dares Come Close 

viper 3100v car alarm available at ilkley car audio near leeds

Non thatcham approved

Entry alarm upgrades.
These are ideal for those after asecurity  system on a budget.
They are non Thatcham approved, meaning they wont save you money on your insurance.
but will protect and alert you if someone tries to gain entry to your vehicle
prices start from £250 fitted 

a Ford fiesta st, secured and protected with the clifford 330x alarm and 106v at ilkley car audio

Thatcham 2-1 factory upgrade

If your vehicle already has a Thatcham Cat 2 Immobiliser and is made after 2005 and you require an insurance approved alarm the clifford 330x is ideal for you.

this system gives you:

Built-in Stinger® Doubleguard® Shock Sensor

Revenger® 6-tone Siren

Failsafe® Starter Kill

Superbright LED

Parking Light Flash

Horn Honk Output

AUX Output

Optional Sensor Input (MUX) Port

This system utilises the vehicle's existing key fob.
prices start from £350 fully fitted 

a Fiat Ducato Motorhome Protected with Clifford concept 650

Thatcham Cat 1 alarm

 Thatcham category 1 insurance approved alarm and immobiliser security system

If your wanting the best in vehicle security it doesn't get much better than this!

Thatcham Approved (Category 1)

Dual-Circuit Immobiliser

Includes two new style 5-button Transmitters

On-board door locking relays with double pulse lock/unlock capability

BlackJax Anti-Carjacking System £80 optional extra

Dual-Zone Proximity Sensor

SSPS5 Battery Backup Siren with Data-link and 6-tone capability

Dome Light Supervision

3 Programmable Aux channel outputs

Total Closure capability
prices start from £500 fully fitted 

popular Additional extras

Remote start

a clifford intellistart 4 module for remote start available at ilkley car audio near leeds

The Clifford IntelliStart 4 is suitable for both manual and automatic transmisson, the IntelliStart 4 allows you to start the car from the confort of your home or office.

Total closure

a clifford smart windows 4 total closure module for the concept 650

More Power to Power Windows. Open, close and vent the car's power windows using the G5 security system remote control.

SmartWindows also adds extra features inside the vehicle: one tap fully open, one tap fully closed.

digital tilt sensor

a clifford digital tilt sensor available at ilkley car audio based near bradford

 The 507M Tilt Sensor is used to compliment the level of security provide by the existing sensors found on most alarm systems. The tilt sensor detects when the vehicle is being raised in an attempt to remove the wheels or tow the vehicle. 

ultrasonic sensors

a clifford ultrasonic 509u sensor available at ilkley car audio based near bradford


The Ultrasonic Interior Sensor is used to provide coverage of a vehicle's interior cabin area.

The sensors detect movement inside the vehicle by sensing air disturbance.

They should trigger the alarm if a thief has gained access to the interior of your vehicle. Fully adjustable.

Backup Battery

a clifford battery backup pack available at ilkley car audio based near bradford


This optional back-up battery adds to the security of any install, maintaining power delivery to your security system even if would-be thieves try to silence the siren by disconnecting your vehicle battery.


Glass Break Sensor

a clifford glass breaak sensor available at ilkley car audio based near bradford


audio sensor triggers your alarm when it detects the sound of breaking glass or metal-on-glass impact.

Reliable CMOS technology eliminates false alarms by analyzing the frequency, intensity, and timing of sounds picked up by the remote microphone.