Amplifiers and Digital sound processors (DSP)

a audison thesis amplifier, for home hifi in car

More Volume with less distortion

Adding the right amplifier to your vehicle can make all the difference to how your speakers reproduce the sound you hear.
Amplifiers come in different categories of classification but generally class a/b or class D.

your class A/B amplifiers tend to use a little more power the sound reproduced is still fantastic but the efficiency of the amplifier is less.

Class D amplifiers use a more complex digital system inside using more high end components inside they produce great sound output and draw less power due to being more efficient.

Correctly setting up is an amplifier is important as to much of one thing can damage your speakers.

a audison bit nove digital sound processor exclusively available at ilkley car audio

Making the music you hear sound great!

Adding a DSP  can make all the difference to the music reproduction you hear.
With a DSP you have full control of the equalizer and can set clip points for the speakers,having control of this protects your speakers from damage by limiting the signal being delivered.

Time alignment, this is what makes audio sound great. Time aligning every speaker to the drivers ear  gives you that stage quality sound.

Choosing whats right for you!

Amplifer only

a hertz d power 4 amplifier

Ideal if you are running an aftermarket headunit and want to give your speakers more power with less distortion.
Distortion occurs when the radio is on its limit of the sound it can reproduce and the signal begins to clip.

Before adding an amplifier we will check to see if your speakers can handle amplification. 


an audison bit 10 processor

Unable to change you vehicles radio but hate the sound it reproduces.
we often come across this problem on weekly basis when there is no soltion for an after market radio.
Adding a DSP will improve the sound quality reproduced and give you an overall greater sound experience.

DSP Amplifiers

audiocontrol dsp amplifier upgrade

Combine the best of both world more volume with more clarity.
these multi channel amplifiers have a built in DSP giving you a singular solution to your audio needs.

they vary in price depending on how much amplification you require.