Who is Audison?

Audison is a rare brand these days as it is totally innovation-led. Where competitor brands have simply become piecemeal, buying technologies off the shelf, Audison was founded and continues on a path of constant research and development. New technology requires extraordinary dedication and Audison has this in abundance and has along the way developed its own sophisticated computer modelling software to help it continue to try new ways to make speakers amplifiers and signal processors perform even better. A vast array of products is available all designed to make optimal use of the technologies around which they have been developed 

Audison thesis tweeter availalbe at ilkley car audio

Audison thesis tweeter availalbe at ilkley car audio

Audison design and create a wide range of products!

audison prima BMW speaker package



Auison specialise in a wide range of vehicle specific audio upgrades n the prima range, these speakers are designed to work with the factory audio system or through an amplifier.


These speakers require correct fitting and when fitted by us we can offer 3 years warranty on all speakers, audison makes 3 ranges of speakers.


Prima (Designed to work with your original equipment efficently or with an amplifier)

Voce (for those after the next level in sound these speakers are fantastic at giving you the best in audio reproduction with a higher power handling these need to be amplified)

Thesis (it doesn't get any better than this, the thesis range isn't about high volumes, but will achieve this. The thesis range of speakers are exclusively available through us and give you the cleanest level in audio reproduction)

audison thesis quattro 4 channel amplifier


 Audison car audio amplifiers are for those who want the best sound experience for their money.  

Audison makes a few ranges of amplifiers just like the speakers they range in application and requirements.

Audison Bit prima 

Small form factor with bags of power ultra efficient class D amplifiers not designed to break the bank balance!

Audison Voce 

Audison Voce car audio amplifiers are made for music. The Voce car audio range brings together bench mark design and performance providing excellent musical performance. 

Audison SR

Audison SR car audio amplifiers are for those who want the best sound experience for their money. SR amplifiers provide warm, musical sound for real music lovers. On board technologies provide comprehensive protection to enhance the inherent reliability of SR products. 

Audison Thesis 

Audison Thesis car audio amplifiers are more than just a study in technology. The Audison Thesis car amplifier programme genuinely pushes the boundaries of car audio excellence and rewrites the rules of car audio amplification. 

audison av12 sql subwoofer


Audison subwoofers are designed to be robust efficient, hard wearing andd very musical, hours and hours of clever  reserch, development, listening an  design, has gone into Audison subwoofers to give you the best in Sound output.

Avaailable in the following ranges:

Prima, & Voce

Audison BMW integration