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blackvue dr750s 2 channel in the packaging

Why choose BlackVue?

BlackVue isn't the cheapest dash cam also known as a witness cam on the market, but it is one of the most reliable on the market.
When it comes to an accident do you want a product that will show you in full detail every aspect of the accident or a blurry image that could potentially get dismissed.
BlackVue dash cams record just as yours would see but in greater detail!

blackvue power magic pro discreetly fitted

Surveillance when your not around!

BlackVue dashcams when installed by us are setup with the BlackVue power magic interface, this allows the camera to go in to parking mode, while in parking mode the camera is motion and shock activated, this wakes the camera up and records potential crimes in full hi res format, that can be used to help capture criminals. or be used as evidence when no one is around to witness a crime! 

blackvue pc application with gps tracking

GPS Tracking

Accused of speeding? Want to know if your car is being treated correctly when borrowed? Concerned the garage you is driving your car recklessly?

A Wide range of the BlackVue dash cams feature built in GPS some models this can be added on, the GPS tracks your exact location and speed. this is handy when involved in an incident to prove you were not speeding, or if you are accused of speeding you can show the GPS history.