Land Rover defender


Not your average 4x4 by far!

When you think of the Land Rover Defender you naturally think of off-road driving , farmers etc.

These vehicles have more rattles, knocks and bangs than many vehicles on the road, there is a are minimum amount of sound deadening applied from the factory, this only just reduces transmission noise.

Not the worlds most ideal car for a full (SQ) Sound Quality vehicle, but when done right these vehicles can sound fantastic.

Below we look at the install in one of our best Defenders we have been tasked with building, there are not many shops that do what we do with defenders! 

So how do we make some of the best defenders in the u.k


Sound Deadening is key and plenty of it!

For this customer, he wanted to eliminate all mechanical and road noise!

This defender was completely stripped down, and all the interior panel work as cleaned and prepped ready for sound deadening, on this Defender we did a 3 stage sound deadening application.

We used Skinz pro 2mm sound deadening, Skinz noise isolator, and re trimmed the inside with 4 way stretch automotive carpet.

See the pictures below for the before and after pictures!

Choosing the right audio upgrade!

Getting the best in sound for this defender!

For this customer getting the best sound from this defender was of the upmost priority, we decided to use the fantastic Audison voce speakers, Audison Prima and Rainbow speakers.

in the front we used:

Audison Voce 6.5" speakers in the seat base 

Audison Voce tweeters on the dash 

Rainbow Soundline 4" under dash speakers 

Audison Prima 5.25" coaxial rear speakers 

We also added an Eton 8" active subwoofer to give  decent low end kick, this produces the low frequencies which compliments the whole system without over powering the other speakers, this is installed in the fantastic MUDSTUFF under cubby sub box, this box had additional sound deadening added to it to remove any rattles produced.

The original radio was removed, and upgraded with the fantastic Pioneer z7200dab this radio features, Apple car play and android auto, the radio fits the standard 1 din aperture with a flip out 7" screen the unit also has Bluetooth and DAB radio.

To power the whole system fully active we added the fantastic Audison prima AP8.9BIT Forza DSP amplifier, this allows use to run the system fully active with plenty of power, this amplifier has a small footprint, and doesn't take up much space, this was also a critical request from our customer.

see the pictures below for the speaker installation 



Thatcham approved cat 1

With the investment in the additional security it was more than important to add extra security, and there is only one solution we use and trust when it comes to insurance approval.

We added the Clifford concept 650 alarm to this stunning defender, the Clifford concept 650 is the best money can buy.

with this alarm the vehicle now has:

  • Separate key fobs for arming and disarming the system 
  • Battery backup siren 
  • Central locking 
  • Dual immobilisation with auto arming after 30 seconds 
  • Dual zone proximity protection
  • Dual zone shock protection 
  • Super bright blue led 

to finish off the whole install we spent a day testing and checking the whole system audio and security followed by a full wash ready to go back to its owner.

We had the Defender back a few months later for an open day, the owner described this setup as better than his home Hi-Fi and beats the audio in his Jaguar F type SVR.

See the pictures from the final stages below