land rover defender security


Protection to rival the thieves

Its no secret that the defender is the most stolen or stripped vehicle on the road!
We have deleloped and tested a wide range of security solutions for the defender with our most popular entry kit being the Clifford Concept 650 mkII cat 1 alarm with the Clifford connect6 tracker.
This is one of the most sophisticated alarms money can buy!


Protection against panel theft

With the Clifford concept 650 alarm system we can protect all the easily removable panels against vehicle theft, To help avoid costly embarrassing situations like this.


Protection against low loader theft

If the thieves cant gain entry to the vehicle they might want to drag your vehicle onto a low loader we can also protect against this using the tracker in the 650 bundle, or buy adding an additional digital tilt sensor.
these are designed to detect the slightest change in vehicle angle and will instantly trigger the alarm.


popular Alarm upgrade options (prices don't include fitting)

Panel theft protection


Protection for all easily removed external panels against theft.
grills, winches, lights 

£15 per panel 

low loader theft protection


Add an additional digital tilt sensor to protect against low loaders and wheel theft.
Add to the alarm package for £100

glass protection


protect your defender against people trying to remove the windows or against thieves trying to break the glass using the audible glass break sensor.
Add to the alarm package for £55

Shock protection


gentle shock will trigger this sensor to give a warn away chirp for example tyre kicking.
any excessive force or jolt will cause the alarm to fully trigger.
Add to the alarm package for £45

Driver key tags


Additional protection for the tracker with driver recognition key tags. these are kept separate to the keys and if the vehicle is moved with out the tags present the tracker company will immediately ring you.
Add to the Cat 6 tracker for only £150

central locking upgrade


if your defender was never fitted with central locking on the key fob we can integrate this in with the alarm upgrade.
Add to the alarm package £55 per door
£70 for the rear door

Total closure


for vehicles with electronic windows.

this unit operates total closure upon locking winding your windows up for you
this unit is £75

follow me home


Automatic lights on lock and unlock.
this unit is set to work in low light conditions and does not operate during the day.

this unit is £50 

flashing clifford lights


give extra visability to the car thieves that your vehicle is protected with the best in our opinion alarm system on the market
this unit is £20