Porsche Boxster 987

Making the Porsche boxster an audio masterpiece!

Back in June 2019 we were approached by the owner of this Boxster looking to upgrade the sound in his Boxster.

Back in June 2019 we were approached by the owner of this Boxster looking to upgrade the sound in his Boxster. we normally don't fit customer supplied parts but in this occasion we were happy to help.

The stock system in this Boxster lacked in almost everything, the door speakers sounded dreadful, the tweeters undersized and lacked presence, the system was powered by the Porsche ASK amplifier, this system is a fun challenge especially when going fully active with the sound set-up.

below is the system installation 


creating a fantastic sounding porsche!

sound deadening

We cant stress the importance of sound deadening enough, if your wanting to minimise sound loss  and sound penetration, sound deadening is key.

sound deadening helps eliminate road noise meaning you wont have to crank the volume up to get the same level if deadening wasn't applied.

on this install we used skinz pro black and skinz isolator foam to sound deaden this vehicle.



the customer supplied the speakers for this install, we generally don't fit speakers we don't sell but these Focal K2 3 way speakers are a phenomenal set of speakers.

The factory door speaker was replaced with the focal K2 165mm woofer driver and we created some Fiberglass impregnated solid MDF speaker adaptors.

the factory mid range driver was replaced with the Focal k2 3" mid range driver.

The dash tweeter was replaced with the JL 0.75 ct tweeters due to size restricting factors.


DSP and Amplifier

To get the best from this system the factory ASK unit was not going to work in any shape or form!

we bypassed the original amplifier and rewired the vehicle from scratch with fresh new wires for the Mid range speakers, door woofers and dash tweeters.

We decided to use the stunning Audison AP8.9 bit forza amplifier DSP, this stunning amp is slightly larger than the factory amplifier.

New wiring looms had to be made up from scratch for this install, each wire is run inside custom braided wiring harnesses, we created a mount for the amplifier to locate the DSP amp in the factory location.

see pictures below


Finishing the install

Setting up the DSP

With this install we spent 4 hours tuning this system and created 2 DSP setup files, one for Sound quality listening  and another we call party mode for when you want that extra bass without the distortion.

With every speaker is running fully active we used 6 of the 8 channels from the amplifier this has left head room for future upgrades, sub woofers or rear speakers.

We also installed an Audison DRC MP controller in the front this allows the owner to select the DSP files while driving and turn features on and off if needed, you can also change to different input sources.

see pictures and video  below