rainbow underseat woofer in bmw fitted at ilkley car audio masters in BMW audio upgrades, the best

We are proud to support Rainbow Audio

Rainbow car audio is made and designed in Germany, we have been a big supporter of Rainbow for many years and many years to come.
We use Rainbow in over 80% of our installations, for the money no other brand comes close in our eyes.
With Rainbow car audio you can really see the attention to detail, these speakers are made to highest standard and produce a rich vibrant tone regardless of the range. 

We supply the full range of rainbow speakers from the entry experience line all the way up to the reference cal series.

Depending on how big your wallet or purse is large or small  rainbow has a range that will match your needs.

Our range comprises of the following lines:

Experience line - entry will work with the factory head unit 

Dream line - will work with factory head unit or can be amplified 

Sound line - needs to amplified 

germanium line - needs to be moderately amplified speakers are made to a higher standard 

Profi Line - our favorite speaker range, these needs amplifying and are 50% custom fit in most vehicles