Speaker Fitting


What level of upgrade are you looking for?

We only supply speakers from brands we have tested and trusted, these brands include Audison, Hertz, Rainbow, Eton, and Powerbass.

Our entry range speakers are designed to be direct replacement and will work with your original radio or aftermarket radio, these speakers produce a richer quality of sound compared to the factory fit equipment.

Each brand we supply has an entry range of speakers, we fit sound deadening with every installation and installs come with lifetime warranty on the work and 2 years minimum warranty on the speakers..


Blown a speaker

Lacking in bass, farting, crackling and popping and good tell tale signs that you have blown a speaker.

Sometimes the biggest give away is there is no sound coming out from the speaker.
Help is on hand we can replace your speakers with a quality upgrade speaker.
Giving you that sound back you have been lacking, but with an improvement in quality and clarity.
Some speakers we do recommend amplifying and can talk you through these options.


Sound deadening

We never fit speakers without sound deadening.
This helps keep the road noise out and the sound in, giving you a higher sound pressure level inside the vehicle, this in turn means less volume is required to produce a richer sound. 

We sound deaden the inner and outer skin of the door, the door card and the speaker collar, this is what the speaker is mounted on to.

Choosing the right speaker for your needs !

Entry speakers


These speakers are still fantastic great speakers and will out perform your standard vehicle speakers.
These speakers are designed to run off your factory vehicle radio.
we recommend these speakers to anyone looking for a simple upgrade due to blown speakers, or just looking for that extra bit of quality.

Intermediate Speakers


looking for that improved sound quality, with a higher quality richer tone. then these speakers are designed for you.
These speakers are a little bit more specialist and can be driven hard but without any compromise to the overall sound quality.
these speakers can run off a aftermarket head unit without any problems and can be amplified for maximum potential.

Premium Speakers


These speakers are all about how the sound is reproduced.
These speakers need to be amplified and run ideally through a digital sound processor for the maximum potential.
They may look like any other speaker but thats where the similarities stop. They are made for pure audiophile home Hi-Fi grade sound reproduction.

The fitting of these speakers with all the necessary hardware is more than an afternoons work. 

we will require the vehicle for a minimum of 1 day.
If you are looking for best in sound quality and audio reproduction this is the package for you.