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VW T5 speaker upgrades plug and play and custm fit available at ilkley car audio near leeds, halifax


Possibly the most popular van on the U.K roads

The Volkswagen transporter is a bit of a wolf in sheeps clothing!

Everyone's is different and has its on quirky twist on things.
We regularly work on these vans and can offer a wide range of services when it comes to the audio and security sides of these vans.

We supply and design a wide range of plug and play speaker kits, but tend to find our customers want the more bespoke designed finer things in life.
For some VW T5 / T6 owners there van is a home away from home.

we offer anything from a basic 2 way upgrade designed to work with the factory head unit all the way down to a  full audio upgrade with a 3 way front end, underseat  8" subwoofer setup all running through a bespoke tuned DSP amplifier.
The possibilities are endless, we are not interested in selling substandard upgrades that you can find on eBay but quality products and solutions to match your goals and needs.
We find our 3 most popular selling upgrades are the Audison 8" door speaker upgrade with the Audison prima tweeters this kit is £390 fitted with sound deadening, door foam gaskets, custom made speaker collars, loom adaptors, and fitting 

The Hertz Mille pro 165 speaker upgrade this kit is £460 fully fitted with sound deadening, speaker rings, foam gaskets, loom connectors, and installation.

The Powerbass 6.5" 2xl component kit £280 fully fitted with sound deadening, speaker rings, foam gaskets, loom connectors, and installation.

All the upgrades we fit come with lifetime warranty on the workmanship and a minimum of 2 years warranty on the parts.

Upgrade packages

Stage 1 speaker upgrade


Ideal entry speaker upgrade for those wanting something better but without breaking the bank.
These speakers can be run of the factory head unit with no issues.
these kits start from £200 fully fitted 

Stage 2 Speaker upgrade


For those who want greater speaker response from the speakers, with an improved bass response and bright clear high tones.
these upgrades can be run off an aftermarket head unit or through the original radio with an amplifier for optimal performance.

These kits start from £350

Stage 3 Speaker upgrade


Bass head or audiophile these upgrades are designed to give you the true home Hi-Fi experience in your van.
with responsive low bass fantastic mid range response and a crystal clear high frequencies these speaker are some of the finest money can buy and should be run amplified.
These kits start from £500 inc amplifier

Stage 1 full System upgrade


In and out within a day these kits are an ideal entry kit for anyone wanting to take there van audio to the next level.
These kits are designed for the standard everyday road going va you get.
kenwood simple double din radio upgrade with Bluetooth and DAB radio in a pro-fit fascia.
entry speaker upgrade with additional sound deadening
under seat active rainbow or Eton Subwoofer.
these kits require a full day for correct fitting and start from £850 fully fitted.

Stage 2 full System upgrade


In and out within 2 days these kits are an improvement over the bronze kit they are based on the a similar setup but come with a greater deal more.
The radio package is upgraded to to a Apple car play and Android auto unit with reverse camera.
The door speakers are upgraded with thee silver package speaker.

The under seat subwoofer is upgraded with a fabricated seat base enclosure
A 4 channel amplifier is added to power the subwoofer and the door speakers
additional sound deadening is added to the cabin.
These kits are price on application, please get in touch to discuss 

stage 3 full System Upgrade


The sky is the limit, designed around the perfect level of audio reproduction in true full digital quality.
these kits are hand crafted around your need the base system in the gold package includes a DSP Amplifier, touchscreen sat nav radio upgrade, front speaker upgrade, subwoofer upgrade, full vehicle sound deadening.
you can also add drop down rear screen and other accessories.
These kits are price on application, please get in touch to discuss most installs take 5 - 7 days to complete.
booking is a month in advance !