Simple Speaker upgrade, or full HI-RES Digital audio upgrades!

It's no secret that the stock audio from BMW is not the most impressive!

The biggest complaint we get from customers is stock system lacks almost everything, the sound produced by the factory head unit sounds woolly with a lack in  clarity and bass. Not what you would expect from a big German car brand.

There is a slight improvement with the Hi-Fi and top Hi-Fi packages from BMW, this is partly down to additional amplification and additional speakers.

The factory Harmon package still use's the original speakers but amplified with a DSP amplifier, this is a significant improvement over base audio but can be improved further. 


Speaker upgrades

Direct fit upgrades that don't invalidate your warranty

When it comes to upgrading your speakers we have spent years trying and testing a wide range of speakers from some of the best manufacturers in the world!

The upgrades we offer are designed to be a direct replacement upgrade with no wires cut, these upgrades will not invalidate your warranty with BMW and MINI and can be transferred from one BMW to the other.

We proud to offer you upgrades from the following brands:

Audison - Audison speakers are designed in Italy and have a replacement speaker for any BMW in current production! 

Eton - German engineered speakers, Eton make a full range of speakers for BMW!

Rainbow - Another fantastic brand from Germany, Rainbow offers an entry and top end upgrade, they are slightly cheaper than the others, we deem these as our entry option or top end package.

all our upgrades take any where from 3 hours to a full day to install, all our packages come with a minimum 2 year warranty and Sound deadening, additional sound deadening can be installed for an extra charge. 


Sound deadening

Additional Information

 to improve your car audio quality we use a multitude of sound-deadening materials from Skinz and Silent Coat.

In most BMW's the speakers are mounted in the floor under the seats, in the front doors and behind the rear seats, usually facing up towards the rear window, or in the rear doors.

When upgrading the speakers the vibrations from these speakers can actually shake the car (or parts of the car), which can be noisy and will generally reduce the quality of the sound.

Sound deadening materials like Skinz -- a cut-to-fit sheet of noise reducing material -- can absorb these vibrations when it's properly installed in your vehicle. Materials like Skinz create a more stable and rigid platform to support the speaker, so the quality of the speaker won't be impaired by its own vibrations.

At the same time,  Skinz, or similar system, will reduce the noise from the road itself. If you have a small car or even a larger car that has thin doors or poor insulation, you know how loud road and wind noise can be at driving speeds. With a sound deadening material in place, you won't need to turn your volume quite as high to compensate for excessive road noise


Additional amplifiers and DSP's (Digital sound processor)

More volume less distortion

The Key to a great sound system in any BMW upgrade is how the sound is reproduced!

For this reason we only use a very select range of amplifiers and DSP's or an all in one solution, Back to Italy we only use Audison amplifiers, DSP's or our most popular all in one solution the Audison prima ap8.9 forza edition DSP/Amplifier.

We use the DSP to fully de Equalize the signal from the factory head unit, we then do time alignment followed by a a custom Equalizer set-up designed for you and the car.

Setting of the DSP  takes from 2 to 4 hours to complete and ensures you the best listening experience and protection for your speakers.


E series body, F series Body and G series body shapes.

Sadly not every speaker is direct fit!

As a general rule of thumb any BMW produced after 2005 should have speakers compatible with the direct replacement speakers we sell.

Older E series bodies like the E65 7 series have the correct speakers, we recommend dropping us an Email, with your make and model!

current compatible list:


BMW 1 Series 2004 Onwards

· E81 3-door 

· E82 Coupé 

· E87 5-door 

· E88 Cabriolet 

· F20 5-door 

· F21 3-door 

BMW 2 Series 2013 Onwards

· F22 Coupé 

· F23 Cabriolet 

· F45 Active Tourer 

· F46 Gran Tourer 

· F87 M2 

BMW 3 Series 2005 Onwards

· E90 Limousine 

· E91 Touring 

· E92 Coupé 

· E93 Cabriolet 

· F30 Limousine 

· F31 Touring 

· F34 Gran Turismo 

· F80 M3 

· G20 Limousine 

· G21 Touring 

BMW 4 Series 2014 Onwards

· F32 Coupé 

· F33 Cabriolet 

· F36 Gran Coupé 

· F82 M4 

· F83 M4 Cabriolet 

BMW 5 Series 2003 Onwards

· E60 Limousine 

· E61 Touring 

· F07 Gran Turismo 

· F10 Limousine 

· F11 Touring 

· G30 Limousine 

· G31 Touring 

BMW 6 Series 2003 Onwards

· E63 Coupé 

· E64 Cabriolet 

· F06 Gran Coupé 

· F12 Coupé 

· F13 Cabriolet 

· G32 Gran Turismo 

BMW 7 Series 2002 Ownards

· E65 Limousine 

· E66 Limousine LWB

· F01 Limousine 

· F02 Limousine LWB

· G11 Limousine 

· G12 Limousine LWB

BMW X1 2009 Onwards

· E84 SUV 

· F48 SUV 


BMW X2 2018 Onwards

· F39 SUV 

BMW X3 2004 Onwards

· E83 SUV 

· F25 SUV 

· G01 SUV 

BMW X4 2014 Onwards

· F26 SUV 

· G02 SUV 

BMW X5 2007 Onwards

· E70 SUV 

· F15 SUV 

· F85 SUV 

· G05 SUV 

BMW X6 2009 Onwards

· E71 SUV 

· F16 SUV 

BMW Z4 2009 Onwards

· E89 Roadster 

· G29 Roadster

i8 2014 Onwards

· L15 Roadster