Dash Cams


Digital proof in the event of an accident

Daily congestion and traffic can make driving feel more like a battleground than an easy trip from A to B. As a result, drivers are starting to fit in-car video cameras, or dash cams, to their vehicles.

There’s good reason to have one. It’s effectively like having a witness with you at all times. And if you’re in an accident, it can provide an impartial view of events to help assign blame and settle a car insurance claim.

What’s more, the Insurance Fraud Bureau estimates there are annually 30,000 ‘crash for cash’ incidents where fraudsters deliberately cause crashes to claim off the innocent drivers’ insurance. A dash cam can help catch those crooks out.

All round protection

blackvue dr900s 4K UHD dash cam fitted in a defender

We only stock and supply Blackvue dash cams.
the flag ship models feature ultra high definition recording, parking mode surveillance CCTV, built in WI-FI, GPS, G sensor, Sony imaging sensor, Cloud access, and mobile app.
Available in front and rear or front only these cameras are hardwired into the vehicle with no wires on show.


Blackvue dr750 front and rear dash cam

All the dash cams we provide are insurance approved and come with 2 years warranty on the devices.
The cameras are hard wired into the vehicles electrics with soldered connections.
Fitting takes between 1 to 3 hours on average.