Porsche 987 speaker and radio upgrade near leeds at ilkley car audio

Porsche 987 Boxster/Cayman

An iconic sports car with a less than iconic audio system!

It doesn't matter if you have the basic audio or the ASK system or the premium Bose sound, the 987 and cayman both lack that audio finesse you would expect to find.

different models have different configurations with the speakers and the amplifiers.

The most simple and effective is the radio, bear in mind the fitting kit is a little pricey around £300 but worth the conversion.

Modern aftermarket radio will give you the minimum of DAB, Bluetooth, USB and Aux inputs, a greater control over the equaliser and more control of the audio settings as well as more volume.

you can also upgrade the stock speakers regardless of being Bose or non Bose the speakers are all the same a lightweight simple speaker with limited power handling.

Upgrading the speakers will open up a wider range of audio handling, the door woofer speakers are replaced and the mid range drivers, the dash tweeters are also upgraded, most customers find this system perfect for there needs and a subwoofer isn't always  needed but some customers do want that extra low end bass!
Our speaker upgrades start from £350 using the sublime Audison prima speakers.

The factory amplifier can be upgraded to give you more volume but we recommend using an Audison DSP amplifier, this is fully time aligned and setup so the speakers can never distort (clipping) to give further longevity to the speakers.

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