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Land Rover defender speaker upgrades

Defender audio upgrades

With many years building some of the finest defenders for audio upgrades in the UK and Europe, we have literally put blood, sweat and tears into perfecting the best in audio for the Land Rover Defender.

With customers travelling from as far as Spain we are doing something right!

We have developed a wide range of package to suit a wide variety of budgets, with upgrades from £180 fitted all the way up to 3k upwards.

We can offer a wide range of customisation, the possibilities are endless!

Sound proofing

Highly recomended even if your not fitting speakers, sound deadening not only helps limit sound loss, but it helps keep sound out.

when we sound deaden defenders we see around a 50% reduction in mechanical and road noise in the cab, there are many different levels to sound deadening. 

our top speaker packages come with the full cab being sound deadened and the doors!

speaker installation

Tried and tested for hours upon end the speakers we use are of the highest quality, we only use 3 brands of speakers for our Defender speaker upgrades, Audison, Hertz and Eton.


Amplifier installation

If you have come for the best in defender audio we only mainly use Audison Prima series amplifiers, these are finest in small form factor amplifiers designed and made in Italy, these amplifiers have stood the test of time and are fantastic.

there are 2 versions the AP8.9 this is an 8 channel amplifier with DSP built in with a total power output of 520w then there is the Forza edition our biggest selling go to amplifier this produces 1040w and takes our systems to that next level.
this amplifier is small enoughto be fitted and mounted under the passenger seat base in the lock box.
the 8 channel amplifier can be used to run a fully active front end and rear speakers with additional outputs for an underseat subwoofer or a larger rear woofer 



When we say subwoofer we dont mean the kind you will find in the back of the local reprobates corsa parked in the local carpark sounding gash and looking a complete t**t!

The woofer upgrades we offer are designed to enhane your audio experience yes they will play low but will never be tuned by us the over power the speakers, instead they will compliment your speaker upgrade.

We offer a few options when it comes to the right subwoofer.
We can offer a small discreet 82 compact subwoofer that sits under the cubby box using the mud stuff sub locker.
There is a larger subwoofer upgrade that sits behind the bulkhead,
or we can make you bespoke made custom fit subwoofer, compact enough to not interfere with load space, these generally sit between the tub in the rear.

Radio upgrade

land rover defender radio upgrade fitted at ilkley car audio near leeds

Anything from a simple upgrade to add DAB radio and bluetooth, or to fulll blown motorised screen with apple car play we can add to any package or seperate.
prices start from £100 fitted
fitting time 1 - 3 hours depending on radio 

complete front upgrade package


3 way front end speakers

alpine mrv 5 channel amplifier 

Audison subwoofer in custom box under cubby
cab sound deadening
seat base retrim
pioneer z7000 dab radio
full rewire
audison wiring kit 

prices start from £2100
fitting time is 5-7 days 

complete front + rear upgrade package


3 way front end speakers

Audison prima rear coax 5.25"


Audison subwoofer in custom box under cubby
cab sound deadening
pioneer z7200 dab radio
full rewire
audison wiring kit 

prices start from £2200
fitting time is 3-4 days 

Premium Audison sound quality package


Do you want that premium hi end 100% bespoke package.
this system is crystal clear audio reproduction with full digital Hi-Fi sound output designed for sound quality.

We have been developing this kit for some time and have countless hours in perfecting the output.
This kit comes with:
Audison prima bit8.9 Forza dsp/amplifer  1040w
Audison Voce  3 way front end upgrade
Audison Voce 5" coaxial speakers in the rear.
Audison apbx10as subwoofer

Audison wiring kit
Skinz black sound deadening full vehicle and under bonnet
retriming of the seat base section and floor
noise absorbing closed cell foam lining
Pioneer z7200dab flip out radio
upgraded bespoke rear speaker mounts
reversing camera
fittting time for this kit is 7-10 days
price on application